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Steak & Molcajete - Tequila Grill - Richmond Dr.
Richmond Drive

Tequila Molcajete


A combination of steak, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, mushrooms, and cheese drizzled with our homemade red and served in a flame-kissed molcajete, which melts the cheese and retains heat. Garnished with cilantro spring onions a slice of queso fresco and cactus

Type of Meat:rare medium rare medium medium well well done
General Mods:Ketchup 2OZ Sour Cream +$1.80Black Beans +$3.50Refried Beans +$3.30Pico de Gallo +$1.80Rice +$3.50Shredded Cheese +$2.50Queso Fresco +$2.50
Produce Mods:2OZ Iceberg Lettuce +$2.202OZ Tomato +$0.992OZ Onions +$0.502OZ Scallions (Cebollita Cambray) +$2.503OZ Vinegar Jalapenos +$1.20Cucumber +$1.20Cilantro Zucchini +$1.20Squash +$1.20Spinach +$1.20Nopales +$23OZ Mango Sauce +$1.50
Sauces:Green Sauce +$0.80Red Sauce +$0.80Special Chimichurri Sauce +$1.10Tomatillo Sauce +$0.90Mole Sauce +$1.50Ranchera Sauce +$1.20Poblano Cream Sauce +$1.20Cheese Sauce +$2.20Mayonnaise Sauce +$0.80Avocado Sauce +$2.20
Meat Temperature Choice:Rare Medium Well Done Medium Well Medium Rare